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Ok, now it’s time for me to visit a new mine in my blog series about Swedish visit mines. A series that started with a coincidence. One day it hit me that I only had visited abandoned small mines but hardly no visit mines. And once I started that I couldn’t stop. It’s really nice just to talk to the crew in most of this places.

After a night with to little sleep we arrived at the mine area early Saturday morning, well some of you would probably call it noon, it was 10 in the morning. The weather was like all November has been this year. Grey, humid and foggy. Just like a typical November day.

We said hello to our guide, or maybe we should call him ”key keeper” since he only unlocked the place for us. And let us free pass to all the area so we could photograph, film and explore the place on our own.

We started with the opencast and there we all disappeared in different directions. If you didn’t know us, you would probably think that we hadn’t miss each at all. But, a mine is a mine and we had to explore the place first. We aren’t far from each other anyway.

At last we headed down the mine. Me and Micke went first and soon we realize that these stairs probably are for exiting the mine. The stairs are so steep that we have to go backwards down in the mine.

Well down in the mine we stay and just talk for a while. I really don’t know why we do this, why we doesn’t run around in the mine exploring it. Well I really can’t explain it. But, after a while we start to look around more. I walk away on my own for a while. I concentrate better on my own.

This is really a cute mine, or at least a part of the mine. In one of the rooms there are som models of mine worker that makes me a bit…not scared maybe but maybe a bit surprised.

The times goes by very fast. Before we know it, the clock has turned 13.30 and we have to get out. It’s strange how the times could go by so fast. But with my camera, curiosity and the best company you could get maybe it’s not that strange.

I would say that this is a perfect place for a summer trip when the cafe in the mine cabin is open. I think the guided tour is both interesting and fun, for children and adults and even mine nerds.

After this trip we headed for Stollberg and some barbecue. I’m not sure if I’m too quiet or what but as soon as we arrive, Marcin offers med some cinnamon bun. But he’s right, Im really hungry.

A nice day. The best company. A cute mine. I think we have to do this all again some day. Thx Micke L for nice pictures to my blog post. Stay tuned for my own mine pictures later this week.

Now something else. The other day I invented a new expression when I ride my bike to work. I was thinking of the expression ”mindfullness” and thought that we mine nerds are in no need of mindfulness activities. We don’t have that need because we allready feel that in the mines. We have to be in the moment, we have to be very present, we shut everything else but the environment and company. Meanwhile I was thinking about something I learned as cave diver ”cave awareness”, you have to be aware of the environment around you to be sure to get right way home and see danger faster.

What word and expression could summarize this feeling better than MINEFULLNESS? What do you think? Goophy or a good word?

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