Miners Route in the Salt Mine

Now we’re talking!!! As soon as I saw the route at their homepage, I felt that we had to try it out. A route or tour where we as visitors are dressed up as mine workers with an overall, helmet and head lamp and will participate in different tasks. This route is also in a different part of the area than the tourist route.

After a fast lunch at a park bench and eating a typical polish pretzel we moved on to the part where the miners route begins. The mine porn started directly when we went down the stairs where we changed to mine workers clothes. The floor at the end of the stairs were of glass and beneath it there were old tools from the mine. There were a lot of ”aah” ”oooh” ”nice” from three of us at least. We got our overall, helmet, head lamp and a bag for its battery. How beautiful doesn’t we look in our outfit!? Photograph Michael

Instead of the long stair we took the elevator down, but I missed the old elevator from the tourist part. As soon as we left the elevator and the first room, I really felt the scent of the mine mm lovely. It was even completely black except our head lamps, so this was really MINE feeling. So stressless and mindful. We even got a really cool guide. Sometimes it was hard to understand what she said, and the pronunciation of foot and food ended up in a strange misunderstanding that got both Malin, and Nataly fired as mine workers. But I still trust Malins judgement in mines, I promise.

Those tasks that we tried out was taking care of the horses, saw, explore (I volunteered for this one) by crawling a small hole (while the guide took the normal entrance), inspect wood constructions, find the way at map over the mine and so on. Photograph by Malin

In this tour you had plenty of time for photographing, looking around and still listen to the guide. The guides voice was pleasant to listen to and when we sat in a mine chapel and she told us an old story I almost fell asleep. To sit there in total darkness and just listen. It's a relaxing feeling, and for a while in this total darkness you cannot even feel if your eyelids are open or close.

After almost three more hours of mining, it was finally time to go to the elevator, but now at a different level than before. All of us, even Malin and Nataly, got a diploma that said that we are now certified salt mine workers. But we still wonder who Michael Leipstept are, but our friend Micke got a diploma as well.

Are you going to Krakow, don’t miss this salt mine and even if you are not a nerd as me and most of my friends you will certainly appreciate even the Miners Route. You can find out more of the mine and their different kind of tours at their homepage at https://www.wieliczka-saltmine.com/visiting/miners-route. Both tours were fun in its way so I will recommend both and why not. But me, personally, preferred Miners Route.

Well, I can say that it wasn’t hard to fall asleep that night and it was good since we planned to get up really early Sunday morning to eat breakfast before setting of to Auschwitz I. More about that visit in next post.

The best part is that we are going back to these mines next year to meet some guides and see more of the mines. It’s going to be awesome.

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