New Year's Chronicle 2020 - the year different

That 2020 didn't turn out as anyone ever could have imagined isn't new to anyone. Nor is it something I feel I need to write about here. Instead, I thought I would summarize how the year 2020 turned out - all the adventures and journeys that still happened, what lessons I can take with me to 2021 and so on. Some canceled photo assignments and lectures are probably all that has affected me really negatively, but some of them have heard of it and want to run 2021 instead.


Two Norwegian trips were canceled, a trip to Poland was canceled and postponed to September. Instead, there were a lot of trips to Gothenburg where Marcin works. We went several times to Älvdalen and Fulufjället for both hiking, fishing and skiing. Fulufjället always offered strong winds and even a real storm, but more about that further down.

The trip that is closest to my heart from 2020 is the trip to Poland. The food, beer and hiking were absolutely amazing. But, what else could it be with the very best guide. Not liking cabbage in that country gives some restrictions on what you are going to like to eat, but there is still a lot of good food. It was also fun to see so much of the country as we drove from Gdynia down to Zakopane.


I have probably not experienced as many adventures in one year as I did in 2020. To have the privilege of finding love and then finding love in someone who wants to go fore exact same adventures.

We both wanted to go for a hiking trip and after a lecture Marcin had been on about "The forgotten mountains" we got a tour suggestions around Oldfjällen – an absolutely fantastic place that will receive a return visit in 2021. Sonfjället will also receive a return visit on both skis and further ahead on bare ground.

Hikning in Tatrabergen and up on Świnica was probably the most challenging hike in terms of heights. With a path and slope that is similar to the Eastern Trail at Kebnekaise, but only with rubber-coated chains where the slope was at its worst, it felt anything but comfortable at times to times. Unfortunately we had to turn 50 meters before the top due to heavy rain (and slippery rocks on the path). But I still set a new altitude record of about 2250 meters above sea level.

Of course we have been out on mining adventures, but feel that mining exploration and climbing has been stand aside during 2020 and instead the focus has been on other adventures. Both the ones I mentioned above but also the return to the dive. Taking up the diving has felt so good, we are taking it slowly and just enjoyed the diving together. The meetings with Annelie Pompe I will carry with me from 2020 with joy, a girl whose pictures I stuck to already in 2007 and who later became known as an adventurer and author, she is such an inspiration.

We went on a trip up to Ankarvattnet with some touring skiing, but more about that in a separate blog post later during the days between Christmas and New years eve.

Lessons learned

Every year carries new lessons and not only in form of educations and courses, but also other things you do. I studied photojournalism and writing at the university during the autumn (I will hopefully finish the writing course on 15 January). But I have also started to learn to photograph under the water surface, learned to dive sidemount and go cross-country skiing in the mountains.

Last but not least, I learned that if a cat has a wound on the buttocks that looks small and insignificant, you should take it to the vet as there is so much flesh and tissue there that can make a small wound become large and ugly. Our little Mimosa has a large sewn incision there now with drainage and goes on both painkillers and antibiotics and is generally confused due to the funnel and the pain in the hind leg.


Next year is the year we will all appreciate traveling and going to events like never before, but I hope we do not become too eager and trust too much that vaccinations will solve all our problems. But I believe and hope we will be able to socialize more normally and that "the new normal" will be something we remember from 2020 and that you can hug and meet loved ones again without being afraid of infecting someone in the risk group.

2021 awaits a new job in a new city and new wonderful challenges. I hope for a trip to Norway with hiking, a trip to Budapest that Marcin spoke so well and then a trip to Poland where the children also come along. A dream would be to go to Mexico in the winter of 2021 - 2022. But we will have to wait and see how it turns out with everything, but you can always dream. What are your dreams for 2021, apart from peace on earth and the extinction of Covid-19?

Good news in 2021, we have seldom longed so much for a new year, have we?

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